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Оформить заказ или подобрать PRO-FACE можно позвонив по телефону +7 (812) 432-38-38, или написав письмо по электронной почте sales@acs-spb.ru.

For users who require high performance for fast processing combined with easy extensibility and maintenance for long service life
PL3000 Series

A lineup of industrial computers with fast processing speed and excellent extensibility.
Housing has a generous amount of physical space to ensure excellent extensibility, for example with the addition of PCI bus products.Removable hard disk system allows easy replacement of HDD cartridges.

For users who want a computer on the factory floor
PS3000 Series

While offering limited extensibility, the PS3000 Series provides an extensive lineup including fanless and thin models.
The varied lineup also includes models with DVD-ROM, PCMCIA slots, and two CF card slots.

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